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Master Course of Neuro-Hypnotherapy

Master Course of Neuro-Hypnotherapy - the first course of it's kind in Australia

Master Course of Neuro-Hypnotherapy is for those who wish to understand what is happening in the mind/brain/body when using clinical hypnotherapy.   Research tells us clinical hypnotherapy changes brains.  Using a particular approach called Neuro-Hypnotherapy helps the client make permanent changes through brain plasticity.  This course will enable clinical hypnotherapsit to engage particular brain regions while the client is in a hypnotic state in order to rewire brain responses.  What fires together wires together!

A pre-requisite to the Maser Course of Neuro-Hypnotherapy is to have a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherpapy.  If the mental health care practitioner or clinical hypnotherapist doesn't  have this diploma HTCA will consider individual applications.  Participants may need to do a short bridging course. 

For more information contact HTCA for a prospectus. 

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